Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perfect Timing.

"Thom in Clifden" ©2009 Marlis Funk

©2009 Marlis Funk

I just had to wait for the right moment.

1. "Thom in Clifden"
I got the courage together to ask this gentleman if I could photograph him while we were in Lowry's Pub in Clifden, Ireland. I got a nice handshake from Thom, and a "where are you from?" before I took his photo. The gaze was quite intense, which surprised me, so I only took two shots - and it was low lighting. I was worried it would be fuzzy, and I avoided looking at the image for weeks because I would be too disappointed if it didn't work out. Finally, I had to know. And it's great! I love this photo. The invitation of another pint at the end of the table... all of this was just waiting for me to see that the timing was perfect.

2. The light was golden and moved rather quickly across the wall of the Castle that we were staying at near Kilkenny, Ireland. I had photographed it earlier when it encompassed more of the wall, and by the time I captured this image, it was almost gone. I love the colour of the light above the vibrant colour of the flowers, and that is was only there for a few moments of the same day that we were there.

- Marlis

A (wee) bit more from Ireland

©2009 Marlis Funk

I have so many images from my May/June trip to Ireland, and I treat myself every once in a while by spending time with them. There are so many that there will be little bits posted here and there, from time to time...

Here are a few that I really like.

1. My first pint in Ireland. 11am.
2. Phoenix Park, Dublin
3. Post Box near Dublin
4. Becky & a London Fog
5. Carri &
6. My (fresh!) seafood chowder & soda bread lunch on Inish Moor (Aran Islands). SO. GOOD.

- Marlis

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Albrechts

More fun in KW!
Scott, Katharine, Anna & (?)*

*we found out 4 days later that (?) is John!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

100 Blog Posts!!!!!

Wow. One Hundred! Fantastic!

This is an opportunity to celebrate and share a few images that I captured for my own enjoyment. This is how I first got excited about photography, and I try to get out there and "shoot for fun" every once in a while.

This is the Experience Music Project in Seattle - a building I've wanted to visit and photograph for ages! It has such fascinating curves, and the exhibits inside are fascinating.

Another way I'd like to celebrate is by offering 2 50-minute portrait sessions to the first 2 Vancouverites that email me at with "100th Blog Post!" in the subject line.

Yes, 100 minutes of FUN to be shared!

There's a few things to discuss about those minutes, so email me if you are interested.

Hooray for 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!