Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hill

One of my favourite parts of Christmas Day is tobagganing.
Of course at home it's at "the hill" - at the golf course. When I arrived, I thought that the hill was pretty small... more intense when I was younger, and tiny compared to the mountains in BC.
But that was before I got on the crazy carpet and got snow in my pants... from both sides.

I think tobagganing is one of my favourite winter activities. That, and drinking hot chocolate after.


listen listen listen - second season

I couldn't resist capturing this Saskatoon doorway again.

Prairie Sunset

It seems that I can never stop bragging about how fantastic the prairie sunsets are. This one was enjoyed an hour north of Swift Current. I love that there's still a few elevators dotting the landscape.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Time!

I've been away spending so much time in the prairies, enjoying the winter weather with friends and family there. I'm excited to post some pics of my adventures... here's one from Christmas Day tobagganing!