Sunday, September 12, 2010

12x12 YVR - Start & Finish

Start and Finish

I had a very interesting day.  I was a part of the Vancouver Photo Marathon - 12 themes, 12 exposures, 12 hours.  
It was more grueling than I expected, but part of that is attributed to my dislike of times before 8am, the relentless rain and the other things that needed to be done during the day. 

It started at 7:30am with a roll of film - it's been a few years now since I last shot a roll! - and ended at 8:30pm with a Guinness.  In between I interpreted 12 themes (1 theme was released every hour on the hour) and only I shot for each theme.  I think I've got a few good ones, and a few that got caught in the rush of the day.  

Now I have to wait until October 16th when the images will be on display at the Vancouver Photo Workshops on W 7th Ave.  Very excited to see if my images turned out and what the 59 other participants came up with!  


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